June 21, 2006

Strange Comment Posted On My Girlfriends Article

To this day, I'm still getting comments on my Girlfriends article which alleged that Jill Marie Jones was leaving the UPN series and wouldn't be back as a regular cast member. So far, everyone that has come up Googled has been alleging with no real hardcore facts. I thought I caught something of a break when I saw this comment:

Received the article below by email. Is this true?

Can CBS Put 'The Girlfriends' Back Together Again?

By Aubrey Helbrect, entertainment writer for The Daily News .

June 15, 2006

The CBS Corporation announced today that, in response to the outrage viewers expressed upon learning of Jill Marie Jones' possible departure from Girlfriends, the show will be moved to the CBS television network.

Reportedly, the Girlfriends cast members were informed earlier this year that the show's budget would have to be cut in order for the show to be picked up by rookie network The CW in the fall. The CW is a new television network set to debut in the fall of 2006, which will feature programming from both UPN and the WB.

The four stars of the show, Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, and Jones, alledgedly agreed that they would stand together and refuse the network's lowball offer. A report from mediatakeout.com claims that the other three actresses cracked under pressure from the network, but Jones held firm, eventually declining to return for the show's seventh season.

A spokesperson for the CBS corporation says, "The fans of the show [Girlfriends] have rallied in support of the show and shown great admiration for the actresses who portray the girlfriends." In response to an outpouring of criticism from fans across the nation, the CBS corporation will attempt to secure more advertising dollars per thirty-second ad in hopes of maintaining current salaries for the actresses, and possibly raising their salaries in the future.

Girlfriends will be one of few African-American programs to air on a major television network since the establishment of UPN and The WB in 1995.


I'm not sure that this letter is true for several reasons. The first being that the author of the article doesn't appear to exist anywhere on the Google searches I've done. Secondly, the Daily News is a large collection of various papers of which this individual could be with. Third, there is a misspelling (alledgedly) in the article.

I've emailed this article to a writer at the LA Daily News to get further confirmation that this is a fake. I personally find it distrubing that there isn't that much news that confirms any of this. About the only clues one has to go on is the lack of a photo in the group cast shot that's on the CW website and the lack of mention about Jill Marie Jones in the press release for the next season.

In addition, I don't think CBS is willing to take another show that has been on it's last legs creatively. It's also a show from a bastard network such as UPN, which is really used to getting shows dumped on them by larger networks. It wouldn't be so bad if they did as they would attract an African-American audience that probably never watches CBS. It worked for UPN when they took In The House, which was one of more minor hits that they got from NBC.

Even with the original cast back, does it really make sense for the show to go on? If this next season gives that indication, then it will definetely be the last.

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