June 15, 2006

Opinion: Health Education Will Save The Overweight People Of This Country

The American Medical Association is going to make you stop drinking soda by sending the government a proposal for an estimated one cent tax on your soft drink purchases. Doctors here in the United States are getting tired of apparently seeing so many fat Americans. Perhaps the fat people of America would be more than willing to do what this country asks of them if they werenít forced to and were given better tools of management.

News networks are always pounding health reports about whatís good and bad for you. Sometimes they even manage to change whatís good for you into whatís bad for you and vice versa almost every other night. The helpfulness they provide becomes a mute point when there isnít any real consistency. By all accounts, the networks donít really do their research on these facts and seemingly neglect to give full details on the research conducted to come to this conclusion. I say, make it simple for people to lose weight ó all you have to do is be more aware of your everyday choices.

For instance, lots of people sucked up that a single guy named Jared lost weight by eating Subway sandwiches. This may have been true as he did lose a lot of weight. What people didnít know is that in order for his plan to work, youíd have to cut a lot of the extra out of the particular sandwich you purchase in order for you to lose weight. You also would have to eat a smaller portion ó this rule also applies to soft drinks.

If you drink a lot of pops, you will take on a lot of calories. This means that when you purchase a 12-pack of pop, you should attempt to drink fewer than three a day. Even before you drink one, you should check the calorie count for each can you drink to see if that brand is even worth putting in your mouth.

Health Education makes a bit more sense than taxing people. But even then, life is unpredictable enough that we really canít be sure that we will live long. The human body knows when itís time is up ó no amount of diet, exercise, or change in eating habits is going to completely prevent that.

If people still die in the world after people have done these very simple things, then at least they can say they died happy living their life the way they wanted ó not the way organizations want them to.

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