June 08, 2006

Opinion: Stolen Sidekick II User Fights Back On The Web

I happened to be browsing the web the other day when I came across this link to a web page. In it, a person known as Evan was trying to track down the people who acquired a friend's Sidekick II after she lost it in a cab. Apparently, the folks in question have been found, but they don't want to give it back.

It would have been easy to just simply give up, but Evan didn't. The webspace that was created follows this persons journey attempts are made to convince the persons invovled to return the Sidekick in question. Some of Evan's friends have managed to track down myspace pages that the individuals have.

Perhaps if I did this with the cell phones I lost, I would have gotten them back. Here's to hoping that Evan gets his or her friend's cellphone back.

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